Hugo Restrepo & Cía S.A. y Capsicum Andina S.A.C.

Hugo Restrepo y Cia S.A., is a colombian company specialized in the production and export of ingredients made from hot peppers of the genus Capsicum. Starting in the late 70´s, the company’s founders and directors have acquired a great deal of experience in the production and export of hot pepper mash, fermented pepper mash, aged pepper mash, filtered paste, concentrated paste, frozen peppers and other mixtures for the hot sauce manufacturing industry. Capsicum Andino SAC is a Peruvian company owned by Hugo Restrepo y Cia S.A. This company produces and exports the same ingredients under the direction and technical guidance of its parent company in Colombia.

In the international market we have active presence in the US market, the Middle East Market and in the European Community.

Hugo Restrepo Ramírez


A passionate man for our land, our people and a tireless fighter for his goals, excellent father and friend, wise adviser and devotee to his family, Economist of the National University (1961) with a specialization in Finance at Stanford University, USA . Professor of the Audit and Cost Accounting faculty of the Faculty of Economics, director of the Master's program in Business Administration and in 1971 Chancellor of the Universidad del Valle. Financial Vice President of the Hacienda Financiera del Valle and member of the board of directors of Andesat, managing company of the Andean satellite system, whose board and general assembly presided over several years. Founder of multiple companies, including Hugo Restrepo y Cia.

After 40 years of forging company, Hugo Restrepo y Cia is the materialization of his thinking and vision of innovative economic entrepreneurship with social sense. Hugo Restrepo, a great lover and protector of nature, worked hard to promote an efficient, social and environmentally friendly agriculture. The company started 40 years ago in the Valle del Cauca for the North American company McIlhenny Co, is now a company that has implemented an agricultural business model that promotes the importance of the field and its relation with the environment; The importance of the farmer and the development of his agricultural knowledge to ensure better results through the use of sustainable practices; And the importance of agriculture as the axis and motor of rural development.

Quality policy

We are committed to the satisfaction of industrial manufacturers of hot sauces throughout the world, our production and export processes are based on Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and in the Control of Critical Processes. We transform the fresh pepper fruit from the fields into safe products that meet the specifications approved by the customers while fulfilling all environmental requirements.

How do we do it

Our process starts with rigorous planning: Customers orders are carefully analyzed in terms of volume requirements, specifications, lead time, farming area involved, and type of pepper.

The next step is to select the farm plots which meet the right criteria to ensure appropriate production levels. Farmers are selected and contracted to farm our peppers under an exclusive contract which guarantees a stable price for the entire crop, a guarantee of purchase for the complete crop, permanent technical assistance from our agronomists, the appropriate seed type.


Our experience of many years, strict planning, excellent weather conditions, and ideal geographical locations allow us to offer pepper ingredients all year long. The combination of these characteristics results in a stable and reliable supply for many years to come.

We have a long history of exclusive contracts with very important industrial clients that have required the development of specific products, pepper varieties and recipes. Our objective is to develop long lasting business relationships with industrial manufacturers that require high quality and safe pepper ingredients all year long.

Social responsability

Pepper farming is a special activity offering economic opportunities to medium and small size farmers in Colombia and in Peru. Since its foundation in the late 1970´s we have recognized the opportunities that this crop offers for small farmers and medium sized farmers.

Peppers are an excellent cash earning crop which can be profitable in small plots. It is a crop that requires a large input of hand labour for planting, weeding, crop protection, harvesting and maintenance of the plants.


We encourage, monitor and demand better environmental practices from our farmers under contract. Our farming practices are effectively controlled by the regular visits by our technical staff and by strict rules regarding the use of crop protection chemicals. While we do not engage in organic farming, we do control the use of chemicals and apply the regulations of the European Community, the US Environmental Protection Agency and local regulations in Colombia and in Perú.. Chemicals used must be pre-approved for use on peppers, dosages are regulated, quarantine pre-harvest directives are strictly observed.

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