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15 Jan 2015


Inclusive business is starting to be seen as a way of addressing these problems. Public social policy is beginning to address the issue, through the recently-established Department for Private Social Investment within the institution responsible for carrying out the strategy for overcoming poverty. This report explores this rise of inclusive business throughout Colombia – in its policy, institutions and businesses.The purpose of inclusive business is to contribute to overcoming poverty and improving the living conditions of poor, vulnerable and marginalised communities. The challenge goes beyond simply including poor people in value chains. Inclusive business requires a broad perspective on poverty, and in particular an understanding of how it is associated with market inefficiencies.

18 Aug 2014


How knowledge is transferred from a lead firm to its supplier can be illustrated with the case of a Colombian firm, Hugo Restrepo y Cía’s. The example is interesting for at least two reasons. First, the transfer of knowledge occurred in the agribusiness industry instead of the often discussed high-tech industries, showing that learning from global players can occur in traditional sectors. Second, the knowledge transfer was not limited to the core technology of the agribusiness industry but also included managerial aspects.

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